Sunday, July 6, 2008

Richard Lass Certified as Candidate and Qualified for Public Financing in PRC Race

On July 1, 2008, Richard Lass for Public Regulation Commission District 3 received notice from the NM Secretary of State’s office that Rick had been officially certified as a candidate and had also qualified for public financing for the general election.

Rick commented, while campaigning in Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, Los Alamos and Las Vegas over the holiday weekend, “The rubber stamp approach of the Public Regulation Commission has just served everyday New Mexicans the largest rate hike in history. Not only will our residential rates be going through the roof, but businesses and local governments will also see outrageous increases, essentially a triple hit to New Mexicans that will damage our local economies just so Wall Street investors can get richer. This is why we need a truly Independent voice that actually represents the people of New Mexico on the Public Regulation Commission.”

Rick thanks the many volunteers who gathered over 3,300 petition signatures in just ten days and the 500 people who gave $5 contributions to assure that the campaign could use public financing— almost twice the numbers required— and is looking forward to facing his opponent in debates throughout the district about the importance of making sure that our Public Regulation Commission is Independent enough to fulfill its obligation to protect all New Mexicans from abuse of corporate power.