Friday, June 20, 2008

Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Progressives and Greens Unite to Urge Rick Lass to Run

On June 3rd, a majority of Democrats voted to nominate a candidate for PRC who was both qualified and who was independent enough to hold big utilities and insurance companies accountable. The next morning, Northern New Mexicans woke up to find that the candidates in the race who fit that description had split the vote, and the least qualified candidate and the one least likely to stand up to the regulated industries wound up as the only candidate on the November ballot. Progressive groups including members of Progressive Democrats of America and the Green Party called urgent meetings and in a matter of days respected community leader, Richard Lass, was asked to run as an Independent Green Party candidate.

“If any of the qualified candidates had won the Democratic nomination, I wouldn’t be running,” said Lass. “Voters deserve more than one choice in November. And it’s especially a problem when Jerome Block Jr.’s only significant qualification is that both his father and his grandfather were on the Commission for years. What goes on at the Public Regulation Commission has a major impact on our lives. What we don’t need is three generations of business as usual on the PRC.”